Social media has become one of the most effective tools out there for promotion – especially when it comes to small businesses. As a virtual assistant, unless you get all of your work exclusively from one client or agency, you are a small business and you need strong marketing to keep bringing in work.

To maximise your opportunities, explore various platforms, engage with potential clients, and showcase your skills through compelling content. Utilizing social media effectively can significantly boost your visibility and attract potential virtual assistant jobs.

One of the first steps you’ll likely take is to create social media accounts related to your business. This is easy enough, but what about coming up with regular, engaging content?

In this post, you’ll find social media post ideas for virtual assistants that you can use on your accounts today.


Outline your services and skills

A great place to start is to outline your skills and the services that you offer. This will show anyone who visits your account what you offer and will help to generate new leads and business. To give yourself more content, we recommend not putting everything into a single post.

Instead, use a post to highlight a small number of skills or one larger service that you offer such as personal and professional diary management, document proofing and editing, or anything else that you may offer.

Try to demonstrate your expertise and show what sets you apart from other VAs out there.



Word of mouth has long been the gold standard of marketing, which is why reviews and testimonials are so effective. Which sounds more trustworthy? You saying how great you are, or your happy clients singing your praises? Definitely the latter.

Try as best you can to get good reviews and testimonials from your clients, and share them on your channels. This builds trust in your services and will make you more appealing to prospective clients.


Benefits of hiring a VA

Some people may not understand the benefits of hiring a VA, so you need to educate them. Use your social media to highlight what people can gain from your services such as greater productivity, more time throughout the day, and a better work-life balance. This will only help to sell your services.



Like any industry, there will be certain misconceptions or myths about hiring a virtual assistant. Perhaps people think it’s too expensive or that it won’t add any value? Correcting these myths is another great source of content. You can do posts on your timeline or even post videos to your story or channels too.


Promote offers

If you have any offers such as a free or discounted trial of your services, this is another great source of content for your social channels. After all, if no one knows about your offer, how can you expect them to take advantage?

This trial method is a great way to generate leads and build your business.


A day in the life

Given that virtual assistants are still a relatively new profession, there is still some mystery surrounding what it is that they do and how they spend their day from both those looking to become VA’s and those looking to hire them.

To educate people, use content that shows your morning and evening routines, how you schedule your day, an example of how you operate with clients, and other content that showcases what a day in your working life actually looks like.


Tools you use

Showing the tools you use is a great way to demonstrate your expertise and educate those looking to join your field. Furthermore, this content will help to establish your reputation as a reputable VA, which will lead to more clients and people looking to train with you to build their own expertise.



Sharing quotes, books, podcasts, or any other material that has given you inspiration is a great way to diversify your content and offer more value to your followers. Plus, it allows you to get creative and have some fun – which is part of the reason we’re all on social media, to begin with.


Final Thoughts

Using the ideas in this post, you’ll be able to kee creating great social media posts! However, this can be tricky in-between managing your clients, completing your regular tasks, and trying to have some sort of personal life. So, why not let us do the hard work for you? Depend on the team at 99social for social media management – get in touch to find out more.

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