The right social media posts can promote your warehouse and storage facilities business if done correctly. It’s not uncommon for these businesses to create pages and at the end of the day have trouble posting content.

Surprisingly the post ideas for warehouses and storage facilities are quite many that you only have to choose a few that can work for you or if you have the resources needed to execute them.

Going straight into it, here are social media post ideas for warehouses and storage facilities

Use Hashtags

A hashtag is represented by the sign #. Platforms such as Instagram have made it easier to use when trying to find something. Users can simply type in #storage facilities and find a chain of them on the platform.

Now for this feature to work, first look out for trending words and include them in your captions on Instagram especially for photos that way users can easily locate your business when looking for warehouses and storage facilities. A total of at least 9 hashtags in your captions is enough for your business to get located easily.

Storable items

Users should be informed about possible items that can be kept in your warehouse or storage facilities. Everything ranging from non-perishable merchandise, fridges, and furniture among others. Someone may wish to store their property in a storage facility but aren’t aware if it’s possible, so stating some of them helps a whole lot.

How well do you know us

How well do your followers know you? Preferably using Instagram’s questions, put your followers to task by asking them questions about your company. For example:

Where are we located?

Do we store TV sets?

For how long can your property be e stored in our storage facilities?

A get to know our post will help you gauge if your followers know you and if they don’t base on the answers provided, you may need to change or make your Bio information more clear.

Behind the scenes

What happens when one’s items are taken to the warehouse? Is there an assembly point or collection point for the items? Customers usually have questions on their minds and a behind-the-scenes moment can help clear doubts. Show them a step-by-step process of how goods are received and stored including how they get picked up.

Share photos

Users will only do business with you if there’s proof that the business exists. So share clear photos of the premises while showing their size or if possible explain in the captions how many items can be stored there.

Also, share photos of the security measures in place because no person will be willing to work with your storage facilities if anyone can have access to their property. They must be convinced that it’s safe and this is through photos.

Blog about it

Just like photos, articles are much loved by followers especially if they are descriptive with catchy titles. For example, How to store your items safely or the best places to store items, among others.

Articles like these will not only attract readers who are interested in storing with your company but also make your Facebook page or website appear more professional.

Content creators are there to help craft catchy articles which can direct visitors to the companies other pages such as Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook.

Reply to messages fast

Nothing irritates customers like a business owner who takes long to reply to them. It shows you don’t value your customers or maybe you have more important things to attend to. This should not be the case, like we suggested earlier on, hire a social media manager to manage your company account if you’re too busy to read through messages and reply.

If you can’t then it’s better to subscribe to Facebook and Instagram auto-reply message options. Here, the account holder is required to design a question or more especially those frequently asked by your customers. You then provide answers to them. If a customer sends a direct message and it includes a word from the frequently asked questions, an answer is automatically sent to them as a reply.

Quick tour videos

Quick tour videos are a great way of showing your followers around without wasting so much time and eating up their data. Create a short video of not more than 10minutes showing your followers around.

Social media platforms such as TikTok, Facebook live, Instagram Live and Instagram stories/Reels are a good way to show your people around. Add some calming music to make the tour more exciting.

Staff Highlights

How many staff members do you have and what are their roles. Share one at least every month so your followers can know you even better. We are currently in an era where transparency is the way to go. Being secretive about your business and staff will only send customers looking for someone more open. So open up and share a little information such as roles and how the different people can help In case one wants to store their items.

Solve customer complaints

Leaving customer complaints unattended can ruin your social media business page because a customer will complain about it on your page leaving you no chance to correct the damages.

For example, as soon as you realize that a customer wasn’t given the treatment they deserve or maybe one of their items went missing, personally send them a message and apologize for the mistake done on your part. They will like you for this kind gesture.

Storage systems

Are there more storage systems your storage facility offers? If yes, what are they and can they be described or shared in a pictorial form? Followers would love to see these different options so they can plan accordingly.

Bottom Line

Storage facilities are becoming more and more each day that if you don’t register your business online you risk losing out on potential customers. More so having the right posts on these social media pages is what will retain current customers but also bring in new ones.

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