These days everyone seems to be glued to their phones with most of them being active on social media. Putting your watch repair company where people spend their time is important as a business owner. Sharing your brand on social media is a great way to reach new customers. There is a lot of room for creativity and personality in what you post, allowing you to reach new audiences while also having fun.

Instagram and Pinterest are huge for the watch industry because of their visual appeal. In the beginning, you may have preferred only sharing stunning images of your watches with the world. However, if our business is to grow, youre going to have to do more in terms of what you post.

In this article, we’ll share with you some social media content ideas for your watch repair company in the next posting.


Highlight Your Company Culture

Consider sharing with the world some of the happy memories you’ve had at your store may be about this client that walked in with a watch they wanted to be repaired. You, your employees, your store, and even your customers all contribute to the success of your company. Throughout the day, you’ll hear dozens of stories that will intrigue you. Consider taking a picture or recording a short video of you sharing an event with others.


Share Helpful Tips

By sharing useful tips with your followers, you can establish yourself as the town watch repairman. Become known as an industry expert, and people will come to you for your services. Videotape something like watch care or buying advice. Listen to what your customers need help with to get ideas


Conduct a Q & A

Assert your point with a poll or quiz. Ask them to help you come up with a new design or idea for an upcoming event. To encourage participation, respond to responses with a thank you or comment.


Run a Contest

You can’t go wrong with contests. They’re a great way to get customers involved with your brand. Make sure to promote your contests both online and in-store for maximum impact.


Address Problems Quickly

Keeping a close eye on mentions of your brand on social media will help to prevent problems before they become serious. Problems should be addressed by publicly apologizing when necessary and offering to resolve the issue via direct message if necessary, People who see the post will know that you responded, but they won’t have to see all of the details of the issue to know that you responded.


Host an AMA

Informally known as Ask Me Anything In essence, these sessions are online Q&A sessions. On a specific day, they can easily be made live.

An important part of this process is to build anticipation for the event by announcing it in advance on social media or at the store. This is a great way to demonstrate your expertise and passion.


Throwback Thursday photo

Consider taking part in “Throw Back Thursday” by posting an old photo. Don’t forget to post it by Thursday at the latest otherwise, it won’t make that much of an impact.


Appreciate clients by posting them

Someone in the community may have made a thoughtful contribution by requesting your watch repair service. Share it with others and perhaps reward that person with a certificate or some other kind of reward. Additionally, you can share a photo or a short video with the community.


Customer testimonials

A customer who can’t stop praising you for the service they received in your store? A quick 30-second testimonial is a great way to gauge their interest. Make sure you take a picture of it with your phone and upload it. Your customers are the best source of information if you want people to think highly of your business.


Share news, trends, or interesting facts

A great watch repair-related article or video may come across your path, and you think people would enjoy it. It’s yours to keep. If you want people to read your article, don’t just send them the link. Put your thoughts into words or ask others to comment by asking them a question.


Consider seasonal posts

When it comes to the holidays, there are always common themes you can write about. Think about local seasonal events in your area. Creating a video about festivals and events is also a good idea.


Share an offer

Share a special moment with your audience. Take advantage of this by making it exclusive to a certain number of people or time-sensitive, and have fun with it!


Share your personal story

Whatever the case, it’s always a good idea to put a face to your company and share things that you’re proud of. Especially if they are related to your field, they show that you are always striving for success. Share with followers how you started the company and what made you start it for example.


Partner with a local business-

Organize an event or promotion with a local company. Because both businesses can share this with their followers, it increases brand awareness to a whole new audience.


Share Videos

In social media feeds like as it is with Instagram, visual content stands out and is more likely to be viewed and interacted with. It also allows you to say more than you could in a typical post without taking up a lot of space on your site. To get the best response, create a video that is both interesting and narrative-driven.

Try to capture it in a video, photo, or written form and share it with your followers via social media. You can show the before and after watch repair in a video.


Bottom Line

You can think of your social media account as a fun bulletin board that people can follow and interact with. Be willing to spend a small amount of money to promote your content if you are passionate about it. If it’s good, people will share it, and you’ll get free exposure.

Make sure you’re posting content that humanizes your brand and lets people know what you’re all about Throughout your day, you’ll encounter situations that capture the essence of your brand.

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