While window cleaning is very much a traditional domestic and business service that has stood the test of time, having an effective social media strategy can really boost the visibility of your company online and take it into a whole new era.

By offering affordable social media management to help you drive sales and increase your client booking, the team here at 99social can take your window cleaning enterprise and introduce it to a bigger (yet still targeted!) audience than ever before.

We’ve come up with a few industry-specific social media post ideas to give you a sneak peek of the type of content that your target audience might expect you to be sharing.


Talk about local events in your area

As a window cleaning business in a town or city, you’ll want to ingratiate yourself with the local inhabitants and describe what’s happening in and around the areas you clean.

If you do this in the right way, you can also relate content and imagery directly back to your service offering, and even drive traffic to blog content helping with your local search engine rankings.

For example, you could promote a local summer festival taking place in a nearby park area, with the angle of people not having to worry about cleaning their windows that weekend, because you can take care of it!

Fundraising events are another way to get closer to your local community.


A ‘day in the life of…’

A great way to stay ahead of competitors on social is to introduce your audience to the people that will be cleaning their windows.

Depending on your highest follower count or most engaged-with social media platform, this could be done through either Instagram Stories, or as a photo gallery timeline on Facebook.

The idea of this content would be to show people the work that goes into cleaning windows and putting a face to the person that is ultimately going to visit a home or office space to do the job.

Show people what you get up to with day-in-the-life style posts.


Social media polls

Another method of engaging with both existing and potential customers on social media is to create posts where you require their input.

You could create a post that asks something like “What day of the week would you prefer to have your windows cleaned?”.

As well as encouraging interaction with your brand online, this also boils down to free market research that you can even use to tweak the overall customer experience in your favour.

Getting customers involved in business decisions – like this window cleaner – is a great way to boost engagement and develop a sense of community.


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