If you run a small business and want to promote your products and services on social networking sites like Twitter and Facebook, then it makes sense to populate your account with valuable information and content. The more quality content you post on your social channels, the more engagement you’ll get from followers, and the more likely your followers are to stick around.

Below, we’ve put together five topics for social posts that you should consider using.


Post about your staff

Showing off the people behind the business can set you apart from the competition and take down the mask that’s commonly associated with online retailers. By putting your team front and centre, you’ll make it easier for your followers to connect with your brand – and even increase the chances of people buying from you.

Consider a quick tweet when you’re celebrating a birthday in the office, sharing behind the scenes videos with an employee “day in the life”, or even consider hosting a Twitter takeover with one of your employees in a similar vein to the NHS, who gives a member of its staff the keys to its handle to interact and chat.


Share teasers of upcoming products

If you’re always working on new products or you’re planning to launch a new service in the coming months, then consider posting teasers on social media to increase engagement and anticipation.

For example, Blackpool Pleasure Beach has spent the past several months teasing the arrival and building of its new multi-million-pound roller coaster to boost engagement and get people talking about their brand. The result? More followers, more conversations with customers, an increase in traffic to their website, and no doubt more bums on seats when the venue opens its new ride in the coming months.


News about your industry

If you’re struggling for ideas on what to post on your company channels, then this next one will please you: not everything you post has to be about your business. Keep up to date with the latest news and goings-on in your industry, and share news, blog posts and entertaining content that you think your audience will enjoy.

As a social media agency, we post regularly about news relating to social media and digital marketing; however, if you run a local bakery, you could post about news from your local area, share recipes from your blog and tweet along with TV shows such as Bake Off and MasterChef. Think outside the box.


Facts and statistics

Want to promote your business in a subtle way without shoving your brand or products down your followers’ throats? Sharing facts, statistics and useful information not only positions your business as an authority figure online, but it can help convert your followers into customers.

For example, at 99social, we regularly share statistics on social media trends and value, which are interesting and informative to our followers. Not only that, but they highlight the benefits of using our services, and encourage people to inquire about what we do. Make sure to use Photoshop or an online tool such as Canva to create attractive graphics to complement your stats.


Polls and other interactive content

Not everything you post on social media has to be related to your business or your niche, so be sure to let down your hair and have some fun. For example, you may choose to run a poll asking people how their day is going, or even share content like GIFs and infographics to get people talking.

Getting your followers (and people who are yet to find out about your business) interacting with your brand is valuable, and can help plant the seed for future purchases.

Taking a step back from your social media strategy and trying out new ideas can give you the inspiration you need to come up with fresh, original content on a regular basis. If you need help with your social media management, don’t hesitate to get in touch with 99social today.

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