If you’re not squeezing the most out of socials for your bar right now, then you’re missing out in more ways than one. Social media marketing, when done right, is one of the most cost-effective and simple methods of building your brand and getting those feet through your door. Social media for bars is all about selling the experience and keeping things light, fun and of course, boozy!


Showcase unique drinks and cocktails

With the bars and clubs market becoming increasingly saturated, it takes something special for you to stand out from the crowd. The hashtag #drinks sees thousands of new posts daily, so give your potential customers a sneak peek of your unique drinks offerings. Of course, everyone expects the classic martini, mojito or cosmo, but if you have a twist on a classic or your own interesting invention, make sure you show it off in all its glory! This will draw people in to experience something that bit different. On top of that, if you do offer something a bit quirky at your bar, guests are also more likely to take pictures and share it on their own social media, which means a free advertising bonus for you! Make sure you encourage them to tag you in their pictures to really get the word out there.

This cocktail bar shows off their stunning creations.


Utilise user-generated content

User-generated content is one of the best ways to create a plethora of new interest in your bar. Promotion doesn’t really look like promotion if it’s happily done by people who genuinely enjoy the experience of being at your venue and want to share it with their friends and family.  After all, it’s one thing you telling everyone how great your place is, but if a load of other people are too, it’s always a good look! Seeing others having a good time enjoying themselves drives people to want to be part of that experience themselves. Make sure you regularly search people who tag you and get their permission to re-post them and share their content.

Encourage customers to tag you in their posts.


Promotions and special offers

It might seem obvious, but if you want a simple but sure-fire way to get people interested fast, promotions really are your best friend. You could go for the classic happy hour, two for one deal, or you could take the seasonal route if that works for you. Try creating limited edition drinks for special occasions and offering discounts for a set period of time. Post and re-post across all your socials. People will feel encouraged to pay a visit to your place before they miss out on that one time offer!

Promote your special offers to entice customers.


Show off your staff

The team behind your bar play a huge role in making it what it is. Guests love to interact with staff and get a piece of the action. Show off your staff’s personalities and create some fun and original content around the theme of ‘meet the team’. Any of your bartenders got any fancy party tricks with drinks? Record a video and post it on your Snapchat or Instagram stories for some extra engaging content. A member of your team got a hilarious anecdote or a cheeky sense of humour? Make the most of it and have them involved in a YouTube video. The options are endless!

Let people see the staff behind your business.


Funny and relatable content

It goes without saying that bars are places that people associate with drinking, dancing and just generally having a laugh. Couple that with that fact that memes and comedy content are huge on socials right now, and you have a definite recipe for success. Grab people’s attention by posting funny, relatable memes that people can share with their friends and re-post. Instagram and Facebook are great places to post this kind of visual content where followers also have the to option to tag people and spread the word even further. People will associate your bar with that fun, chilled atmosphere that we all crave on a Saturday night after a long week at work!

Memes and funny content will always perform well on Facebook.


Spread the word about your bar and nail down your brand identity by using social media to your best advantage. For even more guidance and low-cost expert assistance on upping your social media game, get in touch with the team at 99social today.

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