There’s no group of people more loyal and dedicated than sports fans, right? Use that fact to your advantage and gain a whole host of loyal followers with our top tips on how to effectively promote your sports business in the social media realm. By getting involved in the community, posting regular engaging content and sharing advice and inspiration, your socials can be up there among the top leagues. Check out our round-up of guidance below if you are serious about taking your sports brands’ social media to the next level.


Variety and consistency

Want to know one key thing that is guaranteed to improve your social media with long-lasting results? Consistency. That’s right, plain and simple, whether you keep to a set schedule or have certain types of posts on certain days of the week, consistency will, without doubt, produce results over time. Not only does posting regular content keep your followers engaged and up to date with what your sports business is doing, but it is also the best way to work those social media algorithms to your advantage. Remember to use a variety of posts across all your channels: we’re talking videos, pictures, infographics and anything else in between. Make sure you keep people up to date on everything new that’s happening with your business in good time.

Sharing stunning images like this one is guaranteed to spark engagement.


Get involved in the wider sports community

To spread the word about your business, you also need to get involved in the big and trending conversations within your industry. With so much going on in the world of sport, you certainly have plenty to choose from. And what do people love more than watching sport? Talking about sport of course! Make your businesses’ voice heard in the wider sports conversations. If you can piggyback off the back of a big sporting event, such as a football match or the Olympics for example, you will see your numbers and engagement dramatically increase – all while subtly promoting your company at the same time. We think that sounds like a win-win!

Share news from your industry; you’ll soon become an authority figure.


Make use of user-generated content

Want to know the best way to let people know that customers love your business? By showing them that they do! User-generated content is one of the best methods of social advertising out there because it shows off the real people interacting with and enjoying your business. If you have a team kit, try encouraging your followers to post pictures of themselves wearing it and tag you in them. Likewise, ask people to share their snaps of them and their friends having a blast attending your training sessions. Next step? Get re-posting and sharing to really get the word out there!

Take advantage of user-generated content – it increases engagement and builds trust and loyalty.


Share stories

Another form of content which always goes down a storm on socials is sharing meaningful quotes, industry-relevant news and even inspiring stories. As well as promoting your own services and showcasing what you have to offer, it’s also important to keep building your sports brands’ identity on socials. Share pictures and quotes that align with your company ethos, post inspirational stories and keep your followers up to date with the latest going’s on in the industry that will interest them as sports fans. The goal here is to try and become your followers’ one-stop-shop for everything in the sporting world and to make them feel a part of a close community.

Whether you sponsor a sports team or your own staff are players, share sports updates!


Try tutorials

Fun little videos and bonus content that give your business that extra bit of personality will never go amiss on socials. As a sports business, how about sharing some skills-based tutorials? People always love learning something new and are likely to follow you and stick around to see what else you have up your sleeve. Not only that, but it also demonstrates your skills and expertise in a subtle way and therefore contributes to building that all-important trust around your brand. Make sure your posts are light-hearted and fun and encourage your followers to post a video of themselves following along to your them! This will make them feel involved and spread the word about your business all at the same time.

This sports personality hosts live streams where he offers sports tips.


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