Whether you run a local bike shop or a mountain biking experience track, there’s no doubting that the industry can be incredibly lucrative if you’re in the right place.

According to data from The Value of the Cycling Sector to the British Economy, the UK cycling industry is worth three times more than the UK steel industry, and contributing more than £5.4 billion to the UK economy each year, through retail stores and tourism.

One of the best ways to tap into that market and increase your profitability is to boost brand awareness and get more people clicking through to your website.

Below, we’ve put together some social media tips and tricks for cycling businesses in an infographic. Do let us know what you think on Twitter using @99socialUK, and check back soon for more social media advice for small businesses like yours.


Infographic: Social media tips for cycling businesses


Become an authority

Be the first to share bicycle news, new models and information. If you’re reactive and post lots of engaging content, you can quickly become the authority in your niche and find new customers.


Focus on lifestyle

Biking is much more than moving from A to B – it’s a lifestyle choice. Reflect that with your branding and social media strategy. Post images of great bike tracks, accessories, and models cycling.


Utilise user-generated content

User-generated content is a great way to keep your accounts ticking over with lots of new images and videos without having to do the hard work. Ask your customers if you can share their posts.


Tweet along during events

Whether it’s the Tour de France or another major cycling event, tweet along and share thoughts with relevant hashtags. You will show up on Twitter search and find new followers in the process.


Think of the holidays

Whether you’re sharing tips on how to keep kids entertained during the summer, or offering discounts on bikes on Black Friday, tie in content to seasonal events to maximise engagement.


Promote bike safety

More than 100 cyclists are killed on UK roads every year. Promote bike safety, sharing tips on choosing the best helmet and reflective clothing. You could even start your own bike safety campaign, or launch a government petition to change laws.

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