Whether you’ve only just opened a pizzeria or you’ve been working in the takeaway industry for years, it’s important to work hard to find new customers, and keep existing ones coming back rather than turning to a major high street chain like Domino’s.

Today, we’ve put together an infographic – the ‘Social Media Menu’ – packed with tips and tricks on how to make your social media presence stand out from other takeaways and pizzerias in the local area. Read on to find out more…

Infographic: How to sell more pizzas using social media


Take pictures of your food

Spend an afternoon cooking some of your most popular pizza dishes and take pictures to share on social media. People don’t want to see stock images – they care about the real deal!


Tie deals into special occasions

Create a list of important events, like Christmas, Halloween, Easter, Bank Holidays, etc, and run limited-time offers to take your business to the next level. Share them on social media.


Ask customers to leave reviews

Ask your loyal customers to share a review of your pizzeria on social media, either as a Facebook Review or a recommendation via a tweet. You can share these time and time again.


Invite people into the kitchen

Take pictures, record videos, and share news and recipe ideas from the kitchen. Showing off the people behind the business can make your company more likeable on social media.


Try creating a viral video

Takeaways and pizzerias are competing for attention on social media, so a video of you putting together the world’s tallest pizza, or a Sunday Dinner pizza, for example, could help you viral.


Outsource your social media

If you’re too busy in the kitchen but want to grow your follower counts on Facebook and Twitter, get in touch with a social media management company like 99social, who can run your accounts from as little as £99 per month.

It gives you more time to focus on the important stuff and ensures your online presence increases.

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