The key for any agency is to grow is taking on new clients right? The more clients you have, the more work you’ll have coming in, and the more revenue you’ll be able to generate. However, once you’ve designed an amazing website for a client what happens? They’re off with their brand new website and you’re left looking for your next source of income.

This is why you need to focus on client retention – that is, ways you can continue to keep your happy clients around for longer to act as a continuous source of income as opposed to a one-off payment. In some cases, it can cost up to five times as much to attract a new client as it does to retain them!

So, what is something you can offer to your existing clients to keep them around for longer? Social media management.

Here are the benefits of offering social media management for your clients:



One of the best parts of offering this to your clients is that you don’t even need to do this yourself. Yes, you read that right.

Hiring someone to take care of this service can cost you at least £1500 per month before you’ve factored in overheads, training, insurance, and other expenses that come with a member of staff.

Instead, we can take care of your client’s needs for as little as £99 per month, and you can charge whatever you like. This leaves a large window for profit, with minimal effort on your part. Furthermore, you’ll be able to offer even more value to your clients and encourage them to keep coming back to you for months on end.

You can find out more about our reseller program here.


Brand Knowledge

After spending so much time developing a website, you’ll be left with a very thorough idea of someone’s brand and tone of voice. This will position you perfectly to be able to write content and social posts on their behalf. Unlike other companies who will need to spend time getting to know the brand, you already have this knowledge on tap!

One of the key aspects of a strong social media strategy is consistency. All the messaging put out by a company across social media needs to have the same tone, which you can deliver thanks to your brand knowledge!


Low Risk

Marketing can be a cutthroat industry. One poor campaign can see even the best companies lose business at the drop of a hat. In these situations, questions of staffing come into question which can lead to a lot of uncomfortable decisions. This is the risk of taking a new staff member.

By outsourcing, you’re leaving the job to an established business with a strong reputation and experience – allowing you to take the plunge with less risk.


Competitive Edge

Whilst we’re sure your work speaks for itself, the web design market is incredibly competitive – so you need every advantage you get. Offering extra services will set you apart from your competitors for a number of reasons.

Firstly, it shows that you’re a strong business. The fact that you can offer multiple services means you’ve managed to grow and build your offers, rather than being forced into limitations due to lack of work.

Secondly, it shows you care. By offering more to a client, it shows you care about their success and growth – not just how much you’ll get from them.


So what are you waiting for?

If you’re ready to take your web design agency to the next level, it’s time to offer your clients social media management services. By outsourcing this work through us, you can get all the profits and rewards for your business, without doing any of the work!

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