Thousands of people turn to social media every single day in a bid to plan their picture-perfect wedding. It goes without saying that if you’re not making the most out of the socials for your wedding business, then you’re missing out on some serious marketing power!

If you’re aren’t quite sure how to make social media work to get the results you want, then you’ve come to the right place. In this blog post, we will cover some great ideas to dramatically drive up the numbers on your socials as well as explain some of the most effective and exciting post ideas for your wedding business.


Share the love

Our first recommendation for successful social media for wedding businesses is to grab people’s attention. With a wealth of wedding content out there, you need to find a way that works for you, and a way that makes your content stand out.

You don’t want to be creating the kind of content that people scroll aimlessly past without so much as a cursory second glance. Try posting love themed quotes or quotes related to marriage along with some eye-catching images. People love a love quote, and not only this but people love to share love! Sharing is caring: this means not only more attention for your brand, but more potential followers and higher engagement levels.

Cute quotes always go down well on Instagram.


Show the love

Another great way to sell your wedding business in the social sphere is to show off what you can do. Try and give people a real taste of how magical your events are or your venue is and create a story so that they can truly imagine themselves there. Make sure you showcase all the different types of packages and options that you offer.

Use images in all seasons and encourage your followers to comment on your posts by way of an open-ended question to boost that engagement. Really focus on trying to show people something special and unique to your brand in each and every post. Ensure that these types of posts are consistent and regular to keep you at the top of people’s feeds. As always, make sure you get permission when using any photos involving previous clients.

In the wedding world, photography is everything.



Show that others love your brand

Showing your potential clients what you can offer is one thing, but having your past clients gush about their great experience with your brand is even better. People are much more likely to get on board with a business when they can really see that others have truly enjoyed dealing with the company and achieved everything that they had dreamed of. For wedding businesses, this is especially crucial, as everyone wants their big day to go off without a hitch! Make use of any testimonials you already have, but also don’t be afraid to get in contact with past customers and ask them to share a few words with you about their fantastic experience with your brand.

Encourage couples to tag you in their wedding posts to maximise reach.


Wonderful wedding inspo

Back in the day, if someone wanted to research all the options for their dream nuptials, they would probably pick up a few magazines and flick through them. These days, as with everything, there is a plethora of content online for people to explore all of their wedding options. People are much more likely to follow you if you are posting compelling content which can provide them with regular, interesting inspiration for their big day. Remember that everyone out there is different, so be sure to share all of your weird and wonderful wedding ideas to really capture a wide audience to your social pages.

You don’t have to stick to sharing content from your own weddings; share content from others, too!

Share specialist tips and advice

Wedding inspo is great, but what people will also appreciate is your expertise in the industry. If you can demonstrate this well, you are likely to build a more loyal following. Try sharing blog posts or even just small helpful hints and tips on how to have the perfect day that people might not have thought about. Remember, planning a wedding is super stressful, so show that you are the kind of brand that makes things that little bit easier. This will also serve the purpose of growing that all-important trust around your brand and increase interest in actually booking your services. For this reason, ensure that you make it easy for your followers to contact you directly, perhaps even prompting them to do so in some of your posts.

Sharing your expertise is a great way to show you’re a pro.


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