So maybe you’re setting up your social media accounts and are still confused about if you use the same username across Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram?

Here’s a sign for you. Absolutely yes! You need to use the same username on all your social media channels for several reasons that will be shared as the article progresses.

Why do you need the same username?


For easier remembering

This couldn’t be explained any easier. Take an example where you are a radio presenter or TV host with this new fantastic show where viewers have to comment and give their opinion. Maybe the show is called “A Chat With Kelly.” For people to locate your social media channels more easily have one name that you can read or even repeat. It saves people time and they can find your account more easily.

In addition, you want people to remember your URL rather than having many usernames for different websites. Consider mentioning it casually at a networking event. “you can find me social media site as, I’m ThatBossBilly, ”and is also my URL.


Saves people the confusion

This works more so if the account is a business account. You don’t want to go on advertising how your username/social media handle is this name and another on Instagram and a different one for Twitter too. Truthfully speaking, your customers will not only feel confused but they’ll get irritated having to type in different usernames Every time they need to look for you.


It’s an extension of your brand

If Instagram Twitter and Facebook are the social networks you’ve decided to use then it only makes sense to use the same username across all channels because it’s an extension of your brand.

The username becomes a part of my company’s identity, and you utilize it to COMMUNICATE on all marketing materials, both online and offline.


Your followers expect it

The fact that there are already social media channels out there with uniform usernames, your followers expect the same from you. Normally when they see a specific username say on Instagram, they won’t ask if it’s the same for Twitter or Facebook. They’ll naturally assume it’s the same. So imagine disappointing them when they fail to find you on a certain channel because you have a different user name? You not only risk losing a follower but an opportunity to make money as well.


Protects your image

When you have the same username name across all channels even if a scammer pretends to be you they cannot because the username is already taken so you’re safe and your followers will trust you. On the other hand, if you have different usernames your followers will think you’re just shady, probably you are trying to dupe them.


You look more professional

There’s just something about uniformity. It shows that you take the time to plan what you do and people will assume that as a person or the business it’s the same. Imagine standing physically in front of a client and telling them where to find you on social media. Which one sounds more professional, uniform names or different names? Take it from us that a client will be more convenient if you have the same usernames for every social media channel.


Consider that your business will still be there in future

It isn’t worth the trouble and waste of time setting up a flimsy foundation for your business. Consider your brand to be home. That house’s blueprints and foundation are what keep it stable and expandable. Remember you have business goals and if you’re to meet them, you out to have a name that reflects or resonates with everything connected to your business.

This means you don’t have to rush when choosing a username for your social media channels. Rather plan and brand with a username at the back of your mind.


How to choose the same username for all your social media channels

Finding the correct social media handle should be one of the first things you do after deciding what your business will be about, whether you want to become a social media influencer or establish a business. A social media tracker can help you determine whether or not the social handle you want is already in use.

Remember to keep your social media handle as short as possible while selecting one. On social media networks like Twitter, the shorter the better. Others will be able to tag you and add a message within the 140-character limit if you do this. You want your handle to be memorable so that people can locate and refer you easily.

As I mentioned above, maintaining 100 percent consistency with your usernames across all social media sites is not always easy. You should, nevertheless, strive for brand consistency. Include quotations as well as location nicknames.

Underscores should be avoided! They’re so easy to forget or type incorrectly.

The usage of digits, particularly towards the end of a handle, shows that your first choice was unavailable and you went with the next best option, which does not appear to be very professional.

You want your social network accounts to take up as little space as possible especially are to have them printed on your business card or printed marketing materials. Quite frequently, just the emblem for the social media platform you’re using is sufficient. Having to write down each handle because they are so dissimilar might take up a lot of room and, in some situations, look very cluttered.


Bottom Line

Having uniform social media usernames/handles are a crucial part of any business’s online marketing strategy since they make it easier for people to locate you and make you appear more professional. Without withholding the fact that it draws a line between you and a scammer, your followers naturally expect uniformity. So, pick a brief, memorable username that will endure the test of time, and strive to be consistent across all social networking platforms.

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