If you’re reading this, you probably have at least one social media account for your business. You’ve probably also implemented some form of social strategy and gained a few followers! Congrats! This, however, may leave you in a slightly awkward situation and asking the question if you should follow them back?

The short answer is probably. Now that may seem slightly vague, but let us explain. So many things have changed about social media and the way we use it for business. One of the more recent changes has been what’s known as ‘follow etiquette’. In days gone by, it was typical for smaller businesses to follow anyone that followed them. More than just simple manners, that was the aim of the game – to amass as army followers as possible. Whilst this sounds all well and good, this isn’t always the best strategy and in some cases, not even possible.

Many platforms now have follow limits, based on your ratio followers ratio. This is designed to limit the impact of bots or potentially harmful pages. This is also designed to stop people using their accounts to rack up a large number of followers, to then unfollow the majority of those they followed initially. This leaves you a new position where you need to be a bit more selective of who follow and why.

So if you should be following some profiles, but not all, who should you follow and why? Well, the answer to who in this question is simple; Your customers. The why, is slightly more complex. Not to worry though, here are our top 3 reasons why you should follow your customers back on social media.



This reason goes back to why you created a profile/page for your business in the first place; to connect with new and existing customers. More often than not, if a customer likes your product or service, and wants to keep updated about your business they will follow you on social media.

However, unlike larger brands, you can add a personal touch to their experience. It’s unlikely many consumers will get follows in return from larger brands, but from a smaller business, it’s a lovely touch. Following your customers back opens the door for a relationship. This connection with your customers is part of what will drive your businesses success!

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More than a Business

Rather than being just another brand profile pushing products aimlessly, following your customers adds a personal touch. It shows you care and are as interested in them as they are in your business. We aren’t saying you need to go all out and create a deep friendship with each customer, but it offers the chance to engage in a meaningful way. Don’t be afraid to like and reply to comments and show your new or potential customers that they matter to you. The benefit of being a smaller business is you can afford this personal touch with your customers, which will humanise your brand in their eyes.

Along with following, be sure to engage when others post about your business! When customers go out of their way to share a positive experience with your product or service, make sure to acknowledge it and share it. This not only reinforces the positive experience but also acts as a word of recommendation – the best form of marketing there is.



This relationship you’ll build by following customers back helps to establish your brand’s reputation. It shows you care, that your customer’s matter and any new or existing customers can trust you and your business. This goes a long way towards establishing brand loyalty, which should be a goal for every small business.

Now you know why should follow your customers back, here are a few tips you should follow:

  • Verified customers who have purchased your products or used your services.
  • Customers or users who engage with your content regularly (share the love right?)
  • Genuine accounts – be on the lookout for bots or spam accounts. They’ll like and follow anything and simply aren’t worth your time!



The key thing to remember here is the reason you created your social media profiles in the first place; to connect with your customers. Little things from a business can sometimes go a long way, and simply follow back could be one of those gestures that have an impact on someone.

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