If you own or run social media for a clothing company you’ll know that the competition is incredibly fierce. You’ll also know that you absolutely need to be on your A-game to stand out from the crowd when it comes to social media marketing in the clothing industry. If you require a bit of help getting started or even just freshening things up, read on to discover our extensive guide to boosting your clothing companies’ presence on social media and seeing your numbers and engagement skyrocket, day after day.


Always promote new-in pieces

This step is crucial in keeping your clothing brand feeling fresh and up to date. And when you take into account the fact that a whopping 130 million social accounts click on shopping posts every month, you realise just how crucial. Customers want to see that you are consistently bringing new pieces out as it helps you remain relevant. Make sure you regularly post or have a solid schedule in place as soon as those new pieces are released. Doing this will not only keep you at the forefront of people’s minds but also at the top of their feeds! If your new range ties in with a current trend, even better. Ensure you keep up to date with current trending pieces and styles so that you can utilise those hot topics and hashtags to get maximum marketing returns time after time.

The more content you create, the better.


Make the most of user-generated content

It’s one thing showcasing your garms on the models on your site, but people will generally tend to engage much more with real-life or more relatable people wearing your pieces. Customers want to look at clothing on a range of body types and sizes so that they can see how an item truly fits and looks. By encouraging your followers and customers to post their images wearing your outfits, you not only make them feel included, but you also reach their followers and therefore further spread the word about your brand.

Boohoo encourages fans to share content – which their social media team can repurpose.


Use celeb inspo and share style tips

People love a bit of eye-catching inspiration when it comes to fashion. Let’s admit it, we’re all guilty of picking out the same few items of clothing from our wardrobe that we feel comfortable in day after day. If you can successfully showcase accessible style tips and give people helpful advice on how to mix things up in their wardrobes, your engagement levels will flourish as people will keep coming back for more. Celebrities are also always a great source of inspiration: try creating some regular content around celeb-inspired style looks to peak peoples interest. Pick a few key items from your range to include as part of a look, and make sure you tag or link them so people can easily click to buy right from your post.

Partnering with an influencer could be an option to consider.


Offers, offers, offers

Come on, who doesn’t love an offer or promotion? When it comes to purchasing clothing and accessories, people really love to feel that they’ve grabbed a great deal. Consider offering your social media followers exclusive discounts that they cannot get hold of elsewhere. How about encouraging them to engage with your socials in some way exchange for a discount code? For example, ask them to quote tweet you, tag you or use a hashtag of your creation to get you on that trending page and boost your visibility. By doing this, you will drive up your numbers and encourage people to make the step from ‘add to cart’ to ‘complete purchase’!

Shoppers love special offers.


Make the most of the seasons

As mentioned before, one of the most important things you need to be aware of when running social media for a clothing company is always staying current. Maintaining relevancy and keeping up to date with purchasing trends are both key to achieving consistent success in the social media marketing world. It goes without saying that if you promote bikinis in winter, you probably won’t get as much engagement as if you do so in the height of summer, or at least when most people are busy booking up their summer hols. Consumers rarely buy out of season pieces to stash in their wardrobe and wait for the next season. Ensure you create timely posts for seasonal events too, especially if you offer specific holiday pieces.

It’s never too early for Christmas!


If you’re looking for ways to make your clothing company stand out from the enormous crowd out there, then look no further. The team at 99social is here to help you achieve better engagement and provide you with expert, affordable advice, so get in touch today.

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