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We’ll need you to connect your social media channels to Buffer before we can manage your brand online. Connecting via Buffer means we don’t need direct access to your accounts, but can post on your company’s behalf. Here’s how it works.

Log in

Log into your Buffer account with the details we provide and press ‘Connect Your First Channel’.


Choose your channels

Make sure you have the passwords and correct admin access to your channels. Then, you can click on the channels you want us to manage to connect your page.

For example, you can press the Twitter button, and you’ll then be prompted to log into Twitter and connect it to Buffer.

For Facebook, you’ll be asked to log in to your personal account, and then choose from the company pages you manage. Make sure you have admin rights before you try to connect.

Connecting Instagram

To connect an Instagram account to Buffer, you must:

You’ll then be able to connect inside of Buffer.


Any issues, speak to your dedicated account manager who’ll be happy to help.

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