So, planning to launch your online business say in 3 month’s time? Congratulations! But what will you be doing in the months before the launch? Will the page stay blank? Or should you start posting before your business launches?

In case you don’t know what to do, now is the time to decide.

Remember it’s a launch and one unthoughtful step could cause everything to tumble down.

Before we get into the serious stuff, you should know that you’re on the right track! Recent studies have revealed that most people discover or look for products and services on social media.

Why is this so? Firstly is that it’s cost-effective, scalable, and gives you more than one way to reach your customers.

So to nail your launch, you need to make sure that the days that lead to it and announcements don’t get lost in the wind.

In this article therefore we will share reasons why you need to post on social media before your business launches but also how to make the most of your social media product launch.

Yes of course it’s important to post first however you just don’t do it. There’s a process and trust us if you follow it, only goodness shall come out of it.


You’ll find it easier to talk about your business

Let’s assume that your page at least already has a fair number of followers. If not, what are you doing? The truth is that followers count a lot because they’re then going to engage with you and buy your products and services. Whether you choose to buy them or chase one after the other is up to you. Make sure you have a considerable amount of followers. The biggest advantage of buying social media followers.

From then on you can start talking with people you already know about your business. After only s short while you’ll be talking about your business like nobody’s business.

Platforms like Instagram and Facebook have made the talking process easier with their stories. Post a trailer on your stories telling people about the business and what they should expect. Believe it this will create an unquenchable thirst as the launch date draws in.


People in your network may be interested in hiring you

Now, If you don’t post on your social media (of course after creating an account) how will someone know if they can hire you? Let’s say you’re a decorator or an interior designer. Tease your followers with posts about what to expect, be it products or services. Who knows, someone may be following closely and by the launch date, you may have your first client!

If you still feel weird when you talk about your products, practice now and also how you’ll be replying to clients when presented with a juicy offer.


You will be sowing the seeds of the future

If the individuals you know don’t need you right now, they could in the future, or they’ll hear about someone else needing the product or service you provide. So go on don’t be shy, share your story about what made you start the business. Maybe yours is a fitness page. Tell followers what influenced you to start this and what they can expect especially those having weight issues. Trust us, by launch day, whoever follows you and has weight issues, they’ll be more than willing to engage in the future.

Build trust

Yes, there are several ways to build trust, and posting before your business launches is one of them. We all would want to know if there’s a real person behind the pages we interact with. You want your followers/customers to trust you because that’s when they’ll purchase from you. Start by posting now so they get to know you, interact with you on an introductory level as they wait for the real thing


Practice makes perfect indeed

Heard that good old saying one too many times? Well, it can’t be echoed enough because it’s very true. Running a social media page isn’t easy especially if you intend to do it on your own. So start practicing now. Do you respond to comments on posts? Do you respond to Instagram DMs? How fast do you reply? If you didn’t know, there’s a lot to catch up on so practice as much as you can. You want to be a pro when the business finally launches.

These are all excellent reasons why you should start posting on social media before your business launches.


How do you announce to your network/followers about your new business?

Plan up your content calendar and decide on your launch objectives

Consider that for a moment. You’re in charge of coordinating your social media marketing strategy with other channels and efforts when you launch a product.

Do you intend to use emails? Make a plan

To make things easier for you. Plan to contact 5-10 (or more) people per day, going through your list one by one. Expect to have the majority of your emails ignored, but don’t take it personally. We’re all busy, so even if someone doesn’t react right away, they may have received your message and saved it for when they’re ready to respond.

Focus on building anticipation using anticipatory content

You’re in charge of hyping up your fans and following on social media both before and during your product launch. Rather than merely surprising followers with a new product, “coming soon” posts are a fun approach to get people talking and commenting.

Use a hashtag in your launch-related posts

Hashtags offer a tool to reinforce your brand identity by highlighting information linked to your launch.

Bottom line

Without a doubt introducing a new product is difficult. However, advertising your launch on social media does not have to be a hassle.

Once you practice and prepare everything else will be easy. You’ll see that after launching your business, you won’t stress about anything because it’s already set up.

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