Twitter is an excellent platform, that offers so much for both users and businesses alike. However, are you finding that you aren’t getting the most out of the platform?

Believe it or not, there is more to the platform than hashtags, and trying to nail the 280 characters. There are in fact, quite a few simple hacks that can not only make life easier on the platform but can help you to get even more out of the platform!

Here are our top hacks for Twitter:


Use Images to beat the Character Count

One of the biggest challenges on Twitter is the character. Even after the recent increase to 280 characters, many users still find this incredibly limiting. Crafting the perfect tweet can almost be an art form, which often takes more time than we have.

So what’s one way to get around this? With Images. Whilst there is a character count for your tweets, you can have as many as you like in a picture! Simply choose a colour or background that matches your brand (and makes the text easy to read) and put your text on top!

Make sure the tweet and the text on the image link together, and that you save the hashtags for the actual tweet. If you put them in the image, they won’t count on the actual platform.


Bring your Tweets to life with Emojis and Gifs

When people scroll through their feeds, they tend to see much of the same things – text on a screen, some blue hashtags and the odd image or two. Adding emojis, and/or a gif can not only boost your engagement but also help to simply catch the eyes of your followers.

There is a huge library of gifs on the platform that you can add – just make sure they’re relevant for the tweet.

With emojis, these are easily found when publishing on your phone. Did you know that you can even add these from your computer? Hold control+command+space on a mac, and a selection of emojis will pop up for you.


Threads can link Multiple Tweets

Another way to get around the character count, or to simply piece together your ideas, is to use the thread feature. This is essentially attaching multiple tweets together into one long piece of content.

This can be done by simply clicking the plus button when writing a new tweet. Just make sure to click ‘tweet all’ when you’re done.


Pinning Tweets ensures People see it

You’ve probably seen this on other profiles before, and if you haven’t done so already it’s time for you to do the same! When writing your Twitter bio, it’s important to keep this as brief and as informative as possible. Pinning a tweet allows you to keep a particular tweet front and centre so you can make sure everyone who visits your profile sees this particular tweet.

This can be used to highlight a current promotion that you’re running, a new product that you’ve launched, or even a cause you might be currently supporting.

The best part is that you can change this whenever you like – so make sure to keep it current and up to date.


Post at the Right Time

You’d be forgiven for assuming that simply posting a tweet on your account is enough. If you aren’t getting enough engagement though, you could be posting at the wrong time. Your tweet will typically perform at its best within the first 3 hours of posting, so if you’re posting at the wrong time, your followers could be missing your content.

Do your research to understand the best overall times to post on the platform, and when your particular audience is most active.


Scheduling your Tweets saves Time

Coming up with content ideas on the spot isn’t always easy, and taking time to write tweets each day is simply time-consuming. So how can you get around this?

By scheduling your tweets! This is especially effective when doing a campaign where you already know the content you wish to publish. Take the time to craft your tweets, pick your hashtags, and additional content in advance and put them into a scheduler (on either a third-party platform or Twitter itself). Then sit back, and let your posts take care of themselves.


Make a Hashtag for your Brand or business

Making your own hashtag has a number of benefits! Firstly, it’s unique to you and allows your tag to be seen in both your own posts and the Tweets of others who use it.

The other benefit is that you can search content by hashtag, so when you have one for your own business, your search won’t be muddied by irrelevant tweets.


Siri can write your tweets for you

If you’re on the go and short on time, you can use Siri or other voice assistants to write your tweets for you! Make sure to proof it before posting to avoid any accidental typos.


Make the most of Twitter Lists

Twitter lists are an excellent function of the platform that allows you to pick and choose the content you see in your feed. You can create lists for various functions such as ‘accounts to watch’, ‘inspiration’, ‘engage with’, and so on. These lists will allow you to streamline your activity, and focus your efforts on different goals in a given moment.


Final Thoughts

The more you know about social platforms, the more you can do with them. Twitter offers even more to its users who can utilise these hacks to their benefit. If you’re not getting the results you’re after though, give us a call.

Here at 99 Social, we offer complete social media packages for as little as £99 per month. To find out how we can take your Twitter results to the next level, get in touch today!

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