Farms, just like any other business, are increasingly turning to social media in order to boost their public image and give people a taste of what day-to-day farming is really like.

With millions of users logging into their various accounts each and every day, it really is a marketing tool that you don’t want to be missing out on. With that in mind, we’ve put together a list of some fantastic ideas and inspiration to help you drastically improve your farm’s social media game, sharpish.


Pictures of the animals

It has to be said – everyone loves cute animals. This is potentially your biggest lure to grab peoples attention across your various social media channels in the first instance. Pictures and videos of animals are some of the most shared, commented and liked content on the internet and that certainly doesn’t look to change anytime soon. So, not only will you get people’s attention, but you will also be subtly promoting your business through all the engagement and shares that those adorable creatures will generate for you. Win-win!

You can’t go wrong with cute animal pictures!


Share useful tips on rearing animals and growing veggies

People love to learn new things and find useful advice that could help them in their everyday life. If someone comes away from a social media post of yours feeling as though they have learnt something, they are much more likely to remember your business and come back looking for more. Consider sharing advice on the process of rearing animals on the farm from start to finish. You could also document the process of growing crops and provide your followers with some handy hints and tips for growing their own vegetables at home. Ensure sure you make good use of hashtags so people can find your posts more easily.

Tips and tricks always go down well.


Special offers

What else do people love other than cute fluffy animals? Special offers and promotions of course! This is always a sure-fire way to get people interested if you need to boost your numbers and engagement a bit. Often people that don’t otherwise engage as much in social media can be tempted to by an exclusive deal or the chance to win something. You could offer visits to the farm or even opportunities to get involved with the animals. Consider having people share or repost you to enter, meaning that you also get some handy free advertisement at the same time.

Promote your special offers to drive more visitors to your farm shop.


User-generated content

User-generated content is huge right now and drives traffic and sales through to businesses like no other. In fact, 86% of millennials say that UGC is a good indicator of the quality of a brand. For this reason, make sure that when people visit you, if they take pictures and videos, encourage them to post them on their social media and tag you in them. This not only extends your reach to all of their followers, but it also shows your followers how much people enjoy being on the farm. And you have a farm shop, make sure that you encourage people to share their buys and bargains!

Encourage visitors to share content and tag you. This can be repurposed and reshared on your own channels.


Meet the team

Looking at your adorable animals online is one thing, but being given the chance to meet them in person is something that people would jump at the chance to get involved in. Show people the experience of being on the farm, let them meet your team and explore a day in the life of the farmer. Offer experiences to feed and take care of the animals with your team. This will really give them that hands-on, real-life experience of farming and make them even more likely to share their experiences on their own social media afterwards. Make sure you ask them to tag you so that you can share their posts with your followers too!

Showing off the team behind your business is always a good idea.


When you think of farming, online presence and social media marketing may not be the first thing that comes to mind. However, with the whole world moving online and connecting through social media, making sure your socials are up to scratch could have a real tangible impact on helping you to meet your business goals. Make sure to post regularly across all channels, and give people a taste of what your farm is all about. For expert, affordable social media management, get in touch with the team at 99social.

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