They say a picture speaks a thousand words. But, have you ever imagined how many words a video or story of your campsite would speak?

If you’re looking for social media post ideas for caravans and campsites you came to the right place. Its true photos are indeed a great way to share with the world your caravan and campsites however there are even better ideas which will be shared in this article.

Your camp’s marketing can be transformed by embracing new and inventive techniques to sharing your narrative and those of your campers.

Here are some social media post ideas for caravan and campsites


Engage followers in social media contests

Your campground will gain more attention if you hold a contest and announce it on social media platforms, such as Facebook and Instagram. Think about organizing a natural selfie contest as spring approaches. Contestants should post selfies that include flowers, trees, and other natural elements in the photos.

A free night at your campground or a water bottle could be the prize. Consider holding a similar contest in the future, perhaps a few months from now.

You should include a clause in your contest rules that allows you to use all of the submitted photos in your marketing or in any other way you choose. There is no need to ask permission later on.


Introduce Seasonal Specials on Social Media

If your town is a tourist hotspot in the fall, post special bargains on Facebook to encourage people to visit. If your neighbourhood tends to attract more people at other times of the year, you should do the same. Remind people about promotions and special bundles or offers, but not so much that you come across as spammy. The special can be announced several times over a week or two, for example.


Use Hashtags

On social media, this is frequently a word or phrase preceded by the “#” symbol to identify posts about a given topic. Hashtags demand action–When a person finds a post that quells their attention, they are likely to spend time exploring through the hashtag’s material. Ask your campers to add hashtags in their captions ie #BestCampExperience. Ask them to include the name of your campsite so people can easily find you and engage.


Time-lapse videos

For showcasing your activities and programming, time-lapse footage is fantastic. Film of camp races, archery programs, or ropes course experiences can be easily spiced up with a brilliant time-lapse or slow-motion video.



Your caravan and campsites website should include a blog as part of its internet marketing plan. Blog regularly — 1-2 times each week should suffice. This accomplishes two goals. For starters, it will make Google and other search engines think of your website as dynamic and full of fresh content that might be useful or interesting to its visitors. Second, it will drive more visitors to your website, maybe resulting in more reservations.

Post articles about holidays in general, such as “Five basics to bring for your vacation” or “How to go camping with your family.”


Tell your story

With the internet saturated with competition, it’s more important than ever to interact with your followers on a more personal level. Use your social media sites such as Instagram and Facebook or your website and blog to add content that shows people you exist and are human.

Tell your story based on these questions

Why did you start the campground or take it over?

What is the location’s history?

Who is involved in the operation of the campground?

Share your narrative in a way that will entice potential clients to plan their next camping trip with you in a memorable manner.


360-Degree Photos

Facebook and Instagram have now incorporated 360-degree photo features, making it simple for camps to share panoramic photos. Make use of this feature to provide campers and parents a unique way to explore your digs, from the top of your camp’s climbing wall to expansive lakefront views. This is an excellent approach to begin posting on social media


Facebook LIVE Streams

Parents love to keep tabs on their children attending camps. You can help them by showing them what’s happening through Facebook LIVE Streams. They won’t miss a single thing with this feature.

For events like camp talent performances, award ceremonies, and simple evenings around the campfire, Facebook Live is a terrific venue to invite your parents and former campers. Not only will live streaming video allow parents to receive a behind-the-scenes peek at camp, but it will also serve to strengthen parents’ faith in the camp.


Post drone footage

Do you want to show off your camp’s natural beauty? You’ll need a drone with a camera. Drones make it simple to get a birds-eye perspective of your camp, whether it’s a state-of-the-art sports complex or a huge lakeside site.


Narrative Promo Videos

Instagram reels can help you create a promo film to post on your website as a camp. Highlight reels paired with voice-overs promoting the benefits of camp aren’t the only option for camps. More campers are experimenting with narrative videos that tell stories about their camp experiences, and they’re proving to be worth it.


Music Videos

A music video can give the advertising video a new appearance, whether you’re singing a beloved camp song or covering a song with a powerful message.


Plan events for diverse groups

Before deciding on a destination, campers look into the activities available. Design and post a Facebook poster or Instagram post that differentiates the experiences for different age groups and interests. Make a night of arts and crafts for families with young children, or organize an outing for singles to hike in the woods.


Bottom Line

There are many ways to promote your caravan and campsites through Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, which involves being active in today’s business world

With these ideas, you can create a mix of content that your followers will enjoy and be excited to see and occasionally throw in a special or promotion about yourself.

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