The beauty industry speaks for itself and cannot be ignored. Almost every lady and now gentlemen around the world use cosmetics, something that has led to the mushrooming of thousands of cosmetics companies across all streets.

If you run a cosmetics company and have a business page on social media, attracting more visitors can become difficult but only when you don’t know the posts to use for marketing your products or what social media features to best use.

Here are social media post ideas that cosmetics companies can use to boost their businesses.

Before and after pictures

The best way to convince visitors is through posting before and after pictures of customers that have used your products. For example, if you claim that your products remove pimples and blackheads, visitors should be able to see a client that previously struggled with pimples and recent pictures of them with better skin. The faster you post the before and after pictures, the quicker customers will follow you, like your posts, and even order for your products.

Dialogue with followers

Social media today allows business owners to have a virtual dialogue with customers. With the aid of Facebook live and Instagram stories, cosmetics companies can offer their expertise on cosmetics-related topics. Stories allow you to post questions directed to customers and they can answer. These answers can, later on, be reposted so that other people get more informed about what to do. With Facebook live you interact in real-time with customers get to know their views, questions, and complaints allowing you to give answers in real-time.

Tell your story

Reach out to a professional content creator and share the journey that led to you starting up a cosmetics company. Maybe you suffered from skin irritations, found a solution and now you want to help people with similar challenges at a certain fee. Content creators are excellent at creating posts good enough to attract the right audience to visit your social media page and purchase your products. So, if you can’t do it yourself, reach out to one and have your story posted on your social media platforms. Remember to include your photo so people can associate a real face/person to the story when posting to your business page.

Give away free samples

Sometimes a person will be more than willing to try out a product if it’s given to them for free. If it’s authentic and delivers what you say it does, the next time they’ll purchase and even spread the good news about how your company conducts give seats including the fact that your products are genuine. So when giving away free samples, request customers to post their feedback on their social media page if they like your products and request them to tag your cosmetics company so more people can find you.

Partner with celebrities

Who best to market your social media company than a celebrity that has a larger following? Partnering with celebrities is currently a growing trend because of the results it yields. Of course, you need to set aside a budget to pay the celebrity for their services, which include talking about your products through Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter to attract more customers to purchase. Reach out to your local celebrity, tell them about your partnership idea and if they’re on board it’s a good thing. You can in turn post a photo or video of them using your products on social media to attract more visitors.

Blog about your products

Social media is a source of good reads for some people. If you can avail good content about beauty, makeup, skincare, and hair-related content, you may earn yourself more than enough visitors. For example, if you deal in hair rejuvenation products, write an article about how hair loss happens, how you can grow it back with a product you sell, and what not to do. Your target audience will not only read but also be convinced to buy your cosmetics products.

Use more than one social media feature

Do not limit yourself to posting only through Facebook or Instagram feed. Rather switch things up by using Instagram’s Reels, Facebook Live, Facebook stories, Instagram highlights, Snapchat stories among others. That way your business is up to date with the latest trends and your customers don’t miss a thing you post.

Share your expertise

You’re probably an expert in the cosmetics industry. Maybe you know how to spot an authentic product and a fake one. Or you know what’s good for different skin types. Customers yearn for such information in that if you avail them with it, they’ll have no choice but to visit your page to learn from your expertise and probably purchase a product or two.

Run a Contest

Contests are known for increasing customer engagements. They’re a perfect strategy to get customers involved with your brand. All you need to do is create an E-poster to advertise the contest and the requirements or rules for participation. Do not forget to promote your contests both online and in-store for maximum impact.

Post customer testimonials

Testimonials are proof that you have customers and that your products are indeed preferred by some. Request for these, especially from long-time customers whom you’re sure, will give a captivating but also honest review about your cosmetics products. Testimonials, just like customer feedback acts as proof that your business is authentic and so are your products. A lost idea like this one brings in more customers because someone has proved that it’s worth it!

Bottom Line

Running a successful cosmetics company is all about knowing the kind of content to post on social media. These ideas should be able to give you an idea of what to post to your business page. They can also be changed to fit exactly how you prefer your content to be presented. Otherwise posting testimonials, sharing your expertise, blogging, and partnering with celebrities are guaranteed to increase your customer engagement and product recognition.

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