Social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube can bring a lot of benefits to mechanics and auto repair shops. With the right content, you can boost awareness of your services to car owners in your area, highlight your expertise and experience, and ultimately instil trust in those searching for a local mechanic.

If you’re not sure where to get started using social media to promote your repair services, we can help. We offer affordable social media management for mechanics, helping you create posts and content that really drive incredible results, such as…


Car quizzes

Third-party apps on Facebook can help you create and publish quizzes that you can share with your audience. Quizzes that have worked well for our auto clients over the past few months include car quizzes, and vehicle care quizzes, which work to gently encourage your followers to question their knowledge of the industry while simultaneously providing them with a fun way to engage with your brand online. Quizzes are a way to get inside your audience’s head and improve brand recall.

Fun quizzes like this one are a great way to generate engagement on your social media pages.


Timelapse videos

Working on a big, exciting job, either for a client or as part of an internal project? Consider filming your work from start to finish before turning your recording into a timelapse video that supercharges the standard before/after pictures that many mechanics use, and really brings your results to life. Through these videos, you can show exactly what goes into repairing or transforming a vehicle, and highlight the expertise of yourself and your team. This type of post gives potential clients confidence in your skills.



For simple car tasks that can easily be done by car owners themselves – things like changing a battery, changing the oil, or replacing an air filter – it can be useful to hold a series of live stream events that walk your followers through the steps in real-time. While this may seem counterproductive – you want people to come to you for these jobs, after all – it can help to position your brand as open, honest, and wanting the best for their customers. Don’t forget to market your live streams, and build excitement.

This popular Twitch user live streams his sessions in the workshop – it’s unorthodox, but it works!



Like social media quizzes, poll-type posts aren’t designed to directly generate custom, but they are designed to boost engagement so that when one of your followers does require assistance in the future, you’re their natural ‘go to’ mechanic. Consider asking your followers to vote for their dream supercar, or even for what music they’d be playing as they got their kicks on Route 66. Anything related to your industry can be beneficial, and by engaging with audiences, you’re working to build relationships.

Fun polls like this always go down well on social media.


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