Whether you sell services online or you run a bricks and mortar store and want more people to visit you, Twitter is one of the most effective social networks to find and engage an audience.

An incredible 335 million people use Twitter on a regular basis, and that figure is growing thanks to an aggressive marketing campaign from Twitter, who wants to capture users from rival social networks such as Instagram.

To make sure your account is as effective as possible, you should consider utilising some social media marketing tools.

Below, we’ve rounded up our favourites.



Follow lots of people on Twitter and can’t control your timeline in the way you’d like?

If so, then ManageFlitter could be the tool for you.

Although a free version exists, we recommend paying for a premium account, which allows you to unfollow thousands of people that don’t follow you back in one go, as well as filter out people who are likely to be spammers, users that don’t have a profile picture, and users from other countries.

What’s more, you can schedule posts using the social network, although this feature is limited and Buffer offers a better user experience.



TweetDeck is an app owned and maintained by Twitter itself, and it’s something that you should try out if you manage multiple Twitter accounts for your business.

Entirely free to use, the app is available on desktop and mobile, and allows you to view multiple timelines, track searches and post from multiple Twitter accounts at the same time, should you wish to do so.

This is great if you run multiple businesses, or want to post on your personal account and a business account at the same time.

A new option is trending, allowing you to see the latest trending posts and react accordingly to boost your chances of showing up on users’ searches and timelines.


Tweet Binder

If you’re looking for a Twitter analytics tool to analyse hashtags on Twitter, then Tweet Binder is the best option.

This free platform allows you to search up to 2,000 tweets in one go, the highest on the market and includes some unique metrics, such as the economic value of the hashtag.

This tool is perfect for medium-sized businesses that run competitions, host events or want to engage and interact with their audience on Twitter on a deeper level – and the best part is that a version of the software is also available to track hashtags and engagements on Instagram, too.



If you’re too busy to spend all day on Twitter posting news and updates, then you should check out social media scheduling tool Buffer.

A basic version of this tool, which allows you to add up to three social networks and schedule up to ten posts in advance, is free to use, but a premium account costs less than £10 per month if you wanted to upgrade.

Not only can you schedule bulk content so that your Twitter account is updated, even when you’re not online, but you can recycle and reuse old posts, which saves time when you’re too busy to create new content.



Although this tool wasn’t designed explicitly for Twitter, it’s something that you should consider signing up for.

Free to use, Canva allows you to create attractive graphics, whether that’s quotes or a new logo for your business.

The best part is that you can add your own text, graphics and choose colours and fonts, and save them to your account – from there, you can access your designs from your phone, iPad or laptop, wherever you are in the world.

Research shows that using visual content increases your chances of being liked or retweeted by up to 150%.

What tools do you enjoy using on Twitter? Do let us know your thoughts using @99socialUK.

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