Sometimes it can be hard to know where to start when it comes to formulating the best plan to improve your social media game. – especially for waste companies!

If you’re all out of ideas and looking for some inspiration to improve your garbage and waste companies’ presence on socials, then we have just the thing for you. With social media now being one of the most effective marketing methods out there today, it makes sense to do all you can to take advantage of this fact for your company as soon as possible.

If all of this sounds like you, then take a look at how you can harness the marketing power of socials for your business with our top tips and handy post ideas below.


Updates and information

One of the most important things you can do as a garbage and waste company on social media is to provide people with up to date information about your services. Use your socials to show people that if they follow you, they won’t have to go and spend hours looking online for help on topics related to your business, as everything they need is readily available for them right at their fingertips. Show you are honest and upfront with pricing, availability, and answer any frequently asked questions often.

Make sure you provide people with timely updates regarding any changes in your services to demonstrate that you are organised and helpful at all times. This will make people more likely to follow you and will also have the effect of building trust around your brand as people will see that you can be relied upon.

Keeping customers up-to-date is what social media is all about.


Make the most of eco topics

The environment and sustainability are huge topics which are at the forefront of people’s minds right now with climate change issues often trending on socials. Take advantage of this fact and weigh in on the big eco topics of the moment. Share useful advice and articles or blogs with your audience as well as promoting how you as a business are doing your bit for the environment if it applies.

You could also offer useful hints and tips on things that people can do to reduce their carbon footprint, or ask questions that encourage debate. This will spark discussion on your socials and boost your numbers, as well as showing people that you really care about some of the important things that are happening in the world today.

Promote your eco-credentials.

Show off your customer service skills

One of the things that can work wonders for boosting your brand image is to show people that you have great customer service. And now, through the power of social media, you can really demonstrate your customer skills for all to see. These days a huge amount of people now turn to social media to interact with brands as a more direct and public approach.

Instead of letting this scare you, show your followers how great you are at swiftly responding to questions and dealing professionally with any issues that are brought to your attention. If people can see that you are pro-active and helpful in your replies to others, it gives them a sense of security and trust in your brand. You could even throw in a little bit of humour if it suits your garbage or waste company – but remember, it’s most important to know your audience first and foremost!

Show your audience who you’ve been helping. Bonus points if you include faces!

Show your support for the local community

If you want to boost your brands’ likeability and appeal on social media, but aren’t quite sure on how to go about it, consider showing support for local community events. This is a great content option for a garbage and waste company.

It doesn’t take much, but posting reminders or promoting events that are coming up in your target area can create a great sense of being involved and caring for the community around you. This always goes down well online and builds that all-important trust in your brand. People will also want to stick around and follow you for more of the same!

Make sure you encourage those new followers to engage with your posts by asking questions related to the events that they can answer in your comments.

Getting involved is a great way to build engagement on social media.


If you’re stumped on how to make some solid improvements to your garbage and waste companies’ social media profiles, the team at 99social is on hand to help. Find out more about our affordable social media management and get started today.

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